Meditation Self-Awareness

Instead of rushing unconsciously into your day, set aside a few minutes to sit quiet with yourself. Make sure your calm, centered and relaxed. Now get centered with your intentions for the day, that way you are prepared for a harmonious positive experience.

As I begin to meditate over a period of time I naturally developed a sense of self-awareness. Webster dictionary defines meditation as “reflect, ponder, to engage in contemplation” which is meditation is more spiritual or religious life. Many people look to mediation to get in touch with their spiritual side. However, I was looking to meditation for the benefit of quiet time, visualizing my day, organizing my thoughts and to help reduce stress. There is no exact way to meditate it is what is suitable for each individual.

We our nothing to ourselves if we can not pour into ourselves first. I believe that the more we know about ourselves, the closer we can get to becoming the best version of ourselves. To slow down the pace of my life I begin to find ways to develop my own self-awareness. Here are some suggestions I used for slowing up the pace in my life:

Keep a journal is the best way to start to learn yourself. It gives you a place to think, write and organize your thoughts to help in your development of self-awareness.

Take time in the morning or at the end of the day to meditate

Leave time in your day to eat, slowly walk and get to the responsibilities that you have in a non-hurried way.

When we become self aware we begin to have the ability to make smarter choices that positively impact our lives and the worlds. People that know themselves seem to be much happier. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, meditation can help you boost your immune system, reduce stress, and cope with illness and improve psychological balance.


Over to You

I would love to hear from you. Tell me how you’re working on developing your self-awareness in the comment section below.