Discovering Your Purpose

When things have served their purpose it will go away. If you try and hold on to it, it will no longer fulfill your purpose. When you find that your peace is being disturbed let it go. Often I sit and think about why I was placed on this earth, and what I’m currently doing is fulfilling my purpose in life? We all like to wake up in the morning, being motivated, happy, and successful. I think that we can agree that we would like to seek a life of purpose. Yet, sometimes it is hard to be fulfilled and know if your purpose in life is being met. It is my belief that we are all here to have a definite purpose in life. However, discovering it can be the difficult task, but what I have learned is discovering it may be made by trial and error.

For myself, like many others, I get caught up in the daily routine of what I do as a creature of habit. Rather than a purpose-driven being of motivation that drives you to do things in your life. Discovering your purpose is the most important thing that you will do in your life that is the driving force that will lead you to all of your accomplishments and achievements. This will provide you with the motivation that will drive you to achieve the goals that you set for yourself to live your life to the fullest.

Discovering your purpose is definitely like the long journey that you follow throughout your life. Your purpose is defining by something that you are truly passionate about. It gets you excited or your juices flowing just the thought of pursuing it. I discovered after working in accounting for several years, that I wanted to go back to school and pursue my MSW. Many individuals told me that social workers didn’t make any money and the field was a burnout. However, once I became a case manager and I continue to work with people with disabilities I discovered the passion of advocacy, research, and helping other vulnerable individuals. It felt right and I knew that I was making a difference in the life of others and I also made a difference in my life. Learning to appreciate all the wonderful things that I had in my life that I often took for granted helped me discover my purpose. Everyone has a unique destiny for contributing to this world using their unique blend of talents and passions. Let’s take a look at how you can start discovering your purpose.

How to Discover Your Purpose

Do What You Love

Do what you love if that is gardening, home decorating, party planning, or teaching kids out to swim make time to do it. When you find that you are doing something that you love, you are fill will joy. What’s better than doing something you love than something that you don’t.

Be Thankful

Without even realizing it we take the basic things in our life. I learned this during the pandemic, so it’s really easy for me now to be thankful. Although I should have been thankful anyway without a pandemic happening. By appreciating what you have in your life makes it that much easier to bring a sense of happiness.

Find Ways To Manage Stress

You deserve to be happy and live in your true purpose. Finding ways to manage stress can get in the way of your true happiness. Practicing meditation, yoga, and exercise can help you manage stress and feel better.

Be Yourself

Don’t waste time living the life of someone else, it’s easy to look around us and think we want other people’s life. However, we don’t know if that person is truly happy or what they went through to have the life you think you would desire. Be yourself accept who you are and you will see the world in a different light.

Help Others

If you can make a meaningful contribution to help others take some time to volunteer or help others. It feels good to help others and be of service to them. The impact that you will make on someone else’s life will make you fulfilling.

Choose Happiness

Happiness Is A Choice. That’s the key choosing it. Even when you can’t seem to catch a break, it isn’t a required behavior it’s a choice. When we make a choice to be happy things tend to work in our favor, even if it don’t happen the way you want it. You can accept the situation for what they are and make the most of it.

One of my feel good songs is by Pharrell, I know it’s a classic old song but it’s a feel good song and I love listening to it. It gets me going in the mornings or when I need that extra pick me up. Of course we can’t be happy every day of our lives, but being around some one positive although they are having a bad day helps you understand that happiness is a choice. We all have a choice on how we going to choose for our day to begin. Learning to change our mindset and attitude will be worth it in the end. When we tend to be happy, things tend to work in our favor. What will your choices be today?

Affirmations: Taking Time To Pause

Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think. Take some time today and pause, pausing is a good thing. Pause and stop in order to keep going. Isn’t it great to have the ability to pause for a moment in order to gain strength before moving forward. “Stay motivated and encouraged”

I love affirmations! Affirmations are positive reminders or statements that can be used to encourage yourself or others. I use affirmations daily to help overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts. To use affirmations, first analyze the thoughts or behaviors that you’d like to change in your own life to become a better you. Affirmations are the easiest way to reprogram the subconscious mind. There is tremendous power in our words, and even more when we speak them. Start using affirmations in your life and enjoy the results!

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One of my favorite book that I recommend is 10,000 Positive Affirmations by R. M. Winters. This book has affirmations for Health, Success, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Fitness, Weight Loss, Self Esteem, Confidence, Sleep, Healing, Abundance, Motivational Quotes, and Much More! When reading in small bite sizes this book has something for general uplifting for all aspects of your life. It’s a book that you can appreciate for positivity.