Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to Own The Day, inspired self care blog by Cam. I created Own The Day during the pandemic with the addition to working on my MSW. During the pandemic many individuals including myself found themselves struggling with their mental health and just trying to stay motivated and encouraged while working from home and juggling the many task of family and jobs. Not been able to go out with friends and family, going to the gym or going out to dinner, or becoming over night school teachers has taking a tole on many and has now lead to months of quarantine and zoom meetings. During this time I was able to reflect how often I neglected myself and I didn’t realize how important self-care really becomes until you have time alone. I am normally an up beat person, but everyone has their days and I found that I had some of those days. What I learn to do is practice many self care routines with myself and I soon learn that it was okay for me to be selfish with myself.

Own The Day’s main goal is to motivated, encourage and inspire you to live a happy and healthier life with how to do self-care tips and suggestions. When you visit the blog you will read stay motivated and encouraged inspiration messages. Resource articles on how important self care really becomes, and how you will find yourself more vulnerable to illnesses succumbing to stress and depressing. Recognizing your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional needs are what’s needed to restore your well being for self care.