How To Prepare For Daylight Savings Time

On the first Sunday in November, we will prepare to change our clocks for daylight savings. The way I seem to remember this is during fall we fall back on hour, and during the spring we spring ahead one hour. However, falling back and springing forward one hour can disrupt your sleep patterns. It is always best to make a plan, and gradual change before you make the switch. Making a gradual change is not so detrimental to your health, and that extra hour you gain and the extra hour you lose in the spring will not come at a cost. How can we prepare for this switch so we can fall back instead of falling backwards unaware?

Here are some tips to help you prepare for daylight savings time

Utilize Daylight Exposure

Natural light has the most powerful effects on our bodies. Even on a rainy, snowy, cloudy day spending time outside helps you feel more awake. Using sun lamps to give off bright light that mimics the sun is also effective.

Prepare For The Change

Changing your sleep and wake-up times leading up to the Fall back of 2021 can be done gradually. Start with going to sleep 30 minutes later working up to a full. If your schedule allows for it do the same for your wake-up time.

Establish healthy habits

Limiting the amount of caffeine you drink in the evening is sure to not make it close to your bedtime. Finding a regular exercise routine is key to your metabolism. Choose some cardio and strength to boost the burn and to keep you energized and motivated.

Time To Wind Down

Take the time to wind down before going to bed. Turn off all electronics, have a cup of tea, and read a relaxing book.

It seems like gaining an extra hour of sleep is good but, it all depends on who you ask. Yet, preparing yourself for the change gives your body time to adjust to falling back an hour and springing forward in the spring. After a week or more our bodies shall adjust to the time change. If you are getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep, you should wake up feeling refreshed.

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