Self-Care After The Pandemic

We have been dealing with COVID-19 for over a year, and the end is now in sight. Have you thought about how you will continue your self-care routines once you return to your normal life? A year of COVID-19 limbo turned self-care into a mainstream pursuit. Everyone had to stop and come up with a daily plan on how they would go from going to the gym to working out at home, working in the office to working from home, and kids attending school to online learning. Whoa what a past year this has been, now we are back to reversing our plans from home to office, from indoors to outdoors to our kids transitioning back to in-person learning for the fall. Many people have become accustomed to the lives that they built around COVID. I like to say, COVID man caves or COVID she sheds. Are you ready to return to normal?

As we return to a new normal we can not overlook some of the damage that the pandemic has caused to our physical and mental health. National surveys show that many adults, teens, and children experienced psychological distress from the pandemic. According to the Mental Health of America, 1.5 million reported signs of anxiety and/or depression” as two of the leading signs of burden due to COVID. The impact of the pandemic has shown how a disruption in our lives can affect so many things. As we slowly return to normalcy self-care for the sake of our mental health is essential. For people who were able to make positive changes during the pandemic hold on to that positive change! Let’s take a look at how we can ease back into everyday life while keeping our self-care a priority without sending our bodies into shock. Gradual steps are needed for this transition.

Brainstorm on how you can incorporate things that you love back into your life. Resetting your self-care routine once you return to work, school, and everyday life is important. Yet, for some people practicing self-care will look different. Self-care is about giving ourselves what we need to be our best selves and setting up healthy goals and boundaries. Choose the way you want to treat yourself and spend time with yourself this will help you prioritize your well-being. Permit yourself to make you a priority.

After seven days evaluate – After seven days evaluate what worked for you and what didn’t. Use this as a positive reflection of feelings and the benefits of your accomplishments for the week.

Make adjustments as you go – It is okay to make adjustments as you go, if you see that this will work better then make the change. There is no need to wait just do it.

Sleep when you are tired – This is a hard one for me, I like to keep going until everything is finished. However, getting more sleep makes you better equipped to deal with things going on in your ever-changing life. Sometimes, that’s all it takes is sleep.

Be kind to yourself – Getting into a routine after a year is difficult, and finding out what will work for you will take some time. Being kind to yourself is paramount to any good self-care routine. Although our daily stressors will not completely disappear, finding a way to manage them with a continuous self-care routine is essential. Let’s continue to make our self-care a priority to cope with life’s ongoing changes.

“Be Kind, Be Patient, Be Accepting, Be All Those Things To Yourself ” Cam

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