Choose Happiness

Happiness Is A Choice. That’s the key choosing it. Even when you can’t seem to catch a break, it isn’t a required behavior it’s a choice. When we make a choice to be happy things tend to work in our favor, even if it don’t happen the way you want it. You can accept the situation for what they are and make the most of it.

One of my feel good songs is by Pharrell, I know it’s a classic old song but it’s a feel good song and I love listening to it. It gets me going in the mornings or when I need that extra pick me up. Of course we can’t be happy every day of our lives, but being around some one positive although they are having a bad day helps you understand that happiness is a choice. We all have a choice on how we going to choose for our day to begin. Learning to change our mindset and attitude will be worth it in the end. When we tend to be happy, things tend to work in our favor. What will your choices be today?

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